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Do you want to homeschool, but have to work full-time? The Gentry School offers working homeschoolers full-time programs for K4 - 5th-grade students. Students have art, Spanish or French, leadership, music, STEM learning and field trips, too!


Full-time homeschoolers have fun learning at The Gentry School Monday - Friday from 9AM - 3PM.


We provide the curriculum, the teachers, and, most importantly, peace of mind that your child is learning in a God-loving environment that supports their success! 

Full-time homeschoolers follow the same academic calendar as Duval County Public Schools. 

Students may enroll in the fall (no later than September 15th) or the spring (no later than January 15th) semesters to maintain academic continuity. 

Yep, it’s like a micro-school for just a few families who want something different, something better!

Teenage Students Raising Hands
Full-time Homeschooling: Academics
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